Let’s Hack Android: Appknox Vulnerable Application

  1. Source code: https://github.com/appknox/vulnerable-application
  2. Android studio
  3. Android VM
  1. Git clone project
git clone https://github.com/appknox/vulnerable-application.git
adb connect <ip>:5555
adb install <file name>.apk
  1. Dump the permissions
aapt dump permissions <file name>.apk
apktool d vulnerable-application.apk --output vulnerable-application-apktoolcd vulnerable-application-apktoolls -la
gedit AndroidManifest.xml
cp vulnerable-application.apk vulnerable-application.zip
unzip vulnerable-application.zip -d vulnerable-applicationcd vulnerable-applicationls -la
dex2jar classes.dex
ls -la
jd-gui classes_dex2jar.jar
  1. Insecure Logging
adb logcat | grep "Credentials"
username: foo@example.com, password: hellouu
username: foo@example.com, password: hellousername: bar@example.com, password: world
adb shell
am start com.appknox.testapplication/.NextView
am start com.appknox.testapplication/.FailView

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